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If you’ve ever requested a friend to ‘tompang’ and buy stuff for you whenever they’re headed overseas, you’ll love this site. Airfrov connects buyers asking for products not sold in Singapore with travellers who don’t mind shopping for the items to make a quick buck. Buyers post a listing of the products they’re hunting down — it could be anything from an Apple Watch from the US to limited edition Tim Tams from Australia — with the amount they’re willing to shell out, and wait for a travelling shopper who thinks it worth their while to accept a shopping request. Conversely, travellers can post a notice of their impending trips, and see if any buyer pings them with a request. Prices are agreed upon by both parties, but money changes hands through the website. If a transaction doesn’t work out, refunds are made through the site. On top of that, Airfrov charges a seven per cent service fee, though that’s not stopping buyers (who save on exorbitant shipping fees and the risk of annoying friends and family) and travellers (some of whom have earned a tidy sum from being personal shoppers). Note: There aren’t many designer goods listed here, so if you’re hankering for that Chanel Boy bag, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Meanwhile, if you’re really craving for the Seoul-ed out honey butter potato chips, keep on clicking.

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